WARNING For Funded Startups & Established Businesses: Beware the “sexy”, custom solution fed by fast-money development teams and instead...

Scale Safely & Predictably, Fly Over The “Tech Minefield” And Make Complicated App Development A Breeze…

Doesn’t Matter If It’s Your First App, Have No Tech Team, Or You Want Infinite “Re-do’s” To Make The Perfect User Experience…

You Can Rely On A Vetted, Flexible “Rapid Development” Team To Launch Your Next Profitable App

Dear Friend,

If you want to scale your tech safely and predictably...

Skip quickly past guaranteed failure…

And make your next software-building experience smooth, exciting and worry-free…

Then this might be the most important message you read today.

Now let me be clear... what I’m about to show you is…

NOT your average development team but rather...

An Elite Group of “Born Techies” Who Can Build Software Twice As Fast With Proprietary Tools - Letting You Scream Past The Competition… SAFELY

I’m aware it’s a BIG claim.

But in a few moments… you’ll see how we delivered a full year’s worth of work in 3 days...

And why clients continue to work with us... year… after year... after year.

Now please note…

This team you’re about to have in your hands is the same team who took multiple failing apps and turned them into thriving, engaged pieces of technology.

In fact, these career techies are known for turning around botched applications and transforming them into satisfying, 5-star applications. The kind of applications which can manage millions of users… without the technology failing or stalling as you grow.

The fact that you’re one of the few people who sees this message is a big deal. Because up until this point... the team and the proprietary technology has been hidden behind closed doors.

The point is…

When you have a group that’s THIS relentless, and THIS dedicated to making your vision a reality…

It can change your life!!

Just imagine what your life is like when all the hard work & sleepless nights pays off.

You’re sitting on the beach… in your private home… living the lifestyle you only see in Hollywood. Your own private chef cooks you your favorites. The servers greet you with an abundance of positive energy…

And you can feel the cool breeze brush your skin as you feel grateful every single day.

Best part…

You wake up when you want… with the people you love… knowing that you created value in the world.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

This is where you can be when you get your million dollar exit. What’s more… I’m qualified and motivated to get you there.

So who am I to say such a thing?

My name is Lachie (pronounced Lockie) Thomas. A 20-year veteran in the tech space who’s practically “seen it all”.

As someone who’s worked with dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs… from all various backgrounds like government contractors to exciting startups…

...I know how tough it can be to find the right help.

When you look at the landscape, there are a ton of options...

...and there’s also... a lot against you.

If you’re like other entrepreneurs…

Your competitors are waiting for you to slip up one small step.

Even worse… a lot of today’s “help” is disguised extremely well. They take advantage of your situation and feed you lies that they know they can get away with.

It’s why I’m here to help you avoid the “Tech Minefield”.

Because let’s be real. You’re only a few mistakes away from ruining your momentum.

And those few mistakes can turn into boulders of doubt - weighing on your decision making…

Every. Single. Day.

Fortunately, you can skip the years of stress most entrepreneurs don’t know they’re creating for themselves with one smart decision.

But before you can do that… you need to understand the...

ONE “Non-Negotiable” You Need To Be Successful When Building World Class Technology

Since the beginning of my tech career...

ALL my mentors, from all sizes of companies agreed on one thing.

They told me, if you want to create successful technology that your users love…

...you need to understand THIS:

Your success depends on Having The Best Tech-Talent Around…

...and just as important…

...you must know how all the parts work and communicate with each other so you know how to adjust on the fly.

Why is a great team so essential for winning in the app space?

Because as you probably realized, tech is a moving target.

It’s cutthroat. It requires quick thinking and a constant need for adjustments.

And it’s why I vowed to find the best talent in my industry so we could be faster, and more flexible than the competition.

Personally, when I first started my career, I didn’t want to learn how to create technology that worked for only a year or two. Anyone could do that. Instead, I wanted to create apps that would last for many, many years.

You’re about to learn how you can take advantage of this.

But please be aware:

Some companies make up their tech strategies from scratch… or even get comfortable with old, outdated formats.

This is the easiest way to guarantee “app-suicide” - a quick untimely death to your million dollar exit.

Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with this. You can use what I picked up over my vast experience for over 2 decades in the industry.

Here’s a little about me:

I was lucky to learn from leading companies. I learned creative design… got my hands dirty in code… and learned how to get tech people and managers to communicate efficiently.

In a nutshell…

I leveled up each time there was a change in the landscape and modeled the best.

The result? It made me become a go-to guy for the teams I was a part of… giving me permission to lead them.

Then, after a few more years of grinding…

I learned how to transform complex thoughts and ideas…

...into simple apps that still held the integrity of the entrepreneurs vision.

It meant I could develop roadmaps, create visions and ultimately own the complete lifecycle of technology products.

In a nutshell…

I copied what already worked…

Modeling some of the best businesses within my industry and...

I learned how to hire the best talent by getting my hands dirty in their fields.


Doing the hard work gave me an advantage YOU can capitalize on...

It gave me the frameworks I use today, to deliver apps safely, predictably and on time (without sacrificing the vision of the entrepreneur)


You Might Be Thinking…

So what?

What does it have to do with me and scaling my tech infrastructure?

Well here’s the not-so-obvious trap you’re about to avoid:

See, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors when you’re looking for a tech team to help you scale your app infrastructure. And it’s the same for both startup and established businesses.

You may be unaware of the fact that...

When it comes to tech and scaling in a way that doesn’t ruin customer relationships... it’s a lot like organizing a food catering event for 10,000 people.

Weird, I know.

But stick with me here because this analogy could be the difference between scaling safely, or running your business to the ground in the next 6 months.

At this point... in building your dream... I’m assuming you have fought extremely hard. I know I did for my tech business.

You’ve been ridiculed by non-believers.

You’ve had nights wondering if this is all worth it.

You’ve even had VC’s down your neck who prioritize their own situation, over YOUR health and sanity.

It’s a tough gig for anyone.

That’s why it’s so important to get the infrastructure of your tech right on the first try.

At this point, you’ve probably spent hundreds of hours and probably even lost a few friends along the way. So to waste your efforts on one poor decision doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why what I’m about to show you is so important.

As someone who’s seen countless entrepreneurs make poor decisions on their technology…

I need to warn you:

Picking the right tech team could be…

The Difference Between A Nice Million Dollar Exit And Years of Your Life Wasted Down The Drain

Here’s what I mean:

Up to this point, you may have a working model for your app. It’s kind of like you made a great entree meal for one person… like you would for good ol’ grandma.

But you probably made the MVP model with “whatever you could find” - kind of like making a dish with whatever you found in grandma’s kitchen.

You didn’t give much thought to how it was made… because the important part was that your app just had to “taste good”.

You’re only trying to satisfy a few people, so even though the stress was there, it wasn’t as big as it could be when there’s thousands of people to serve.


When it’s time to scale… and you have to serve thousands if not millions of people...

The problem is night and day, completely different.

The “process” AKA how the app-sausage is made…

...and your team of tech-chefs who make it...

...will determine whether you succeed or fail miserably.

Maybe you already realize this and that’s why you’re here.

Because there’s a big difference you need to be aware of:

When you’re serving tens of thousands of people... the “equipment” (or technology) you use will determine whether your customers get what they want on time.

The tech-chefs on your team will determine the quality.

And with hungry mouths to feed, coupling with the natural impatience of your customers… that’s a TON of pressure to deliver.

Tech infrastructure is just as chaotic as a busy kitchen. But in reality, it’s A LOT harder because there’s even more pressure to deliver when dealing with fleeting attention spans.

Now there’s one subtle but important difference between a team of chefs… and a team of techies building your app.

In the kitchen, you can afford to pick the wrong team of chefs and make mistakes. But if you choose the wrong team for your app…

It could be over before you even started.

Here’s my point:

When you choose the wrong company to help you… you’re stuck. You can’t afford to switch once you make a mistake. It’s set in stone.


The reason is…you’re locked in. You’re inflexible.

The bad guys will trap you… and they have sneaky ways of doing it.

This is how:

They want you to choose a sexy, custom “tech language” to work with. - a language you have to use throughout the process of building your app.

Because they know what you may not:

You Can’t Just Date Your Custom-Code “Tech Language” To Build Your Technology...You Have To Marry It For Life!

Please pay attention...and..

Beware of the word: “Custom”.

When your app is built with custom code with custom “tech language” (which is what most fly-by-night app companies sell)

You can’t “divorce” your app!

You can’t pivot.

And you definitely can’t expect to make money with it.

That’s unless…

You want to pay a mountain-size redevelopment cost that may force you to fire some team members… or worse…

...have your whole business come crashing down.

This is why you need to be wary of fast-money development companies who are comfortable with the old “tech language” they learned when they first started business.

These guys like to hype up custom code as a magical solution.


Custom code is inflexible. It locks you in.

And if you’re locked into a specific type of code…

How do you expect to pivot and make changes?

How do you hit the moving target, when you’re stuck and stationary?

The point is… your dev team can’t be locked to one type of code.

Nor can they afford to be “comfortable”.

Because if your tech team is comfortable and lazy, using old models… or specialize in ONE or a few types of code… then your competitor with the more talented team will steal your customers with better, faster solutions.

Which begs the question:

What should you use instead?

Well ideally, you want a…

Hyper-Flexible Easy-To-Pivot Framework Based Team

Why do all the best app development companies use frameworks?

Because for one... it doesn’t lock you into a mistake.

Unlike custom code, frameworks let you add functionality… pivot when you need changes… and ultimately gives you the ability to fall down and still recover, FAST.

If you’re framework based… NOT custom code based… any professional can work on your app. Any capable team can program with it!

This means if you part ways with your tech team… you’re not left with an app that doesn’t work. This saves you at least tens of thousands of dollars if you do make a mistake.

It would’ve saved a lot more than that for one of the companies we helped.

You’ll see that story later.

But for now… please understand...

When you’re framework based, you can add modules easily to extend functionality.

It means you can easily add things like social features… ecommerce… membership systems… learning management... community based systems... additional code or whatever you need to build the perfect experience for your users.

But that’s not all…

With a framework based team, you can combine cloud hardware services to your platform so you can handle a sudden increase in traffic as well as…

Scaling The Systems Down To Save Money At Times Of Less Traffic!

This is the no-risk app solution for companies who know pivoting is inevitable.

And it’s best explained by thinking of it like a car.

Imagine you’re on the highway, controlling the speed of your car to where you’re most comfortable.

Too fast? Slow it down.

Too slow? Speed it up.

You get to control your rate of speed, so it matches YOU.

For example, If you run an app that has tons of traffic on 20 servers…. then with Amazon Web Services (AWS) you can double it, scaling it to 40 servers!

But maybe you want to scale down because you figured out it’s better to have less customers who pay you more. No problem.

As simple as it was to scale to 40 servers… you can scale back down to 20 servers or go down to 5… or even

1. This lets your company save money in times of trouble so you don’t overpay for servers.

Cool right?

Framework based teams are the smart choice for entrepreneurs… and it makes you feel relaxed knowing you can always fix problems.

At the end of the day...

...you don’t want to fall into the cycle of starting over and over because you hired the wrong team.

You want a flexible option because...

...it’s hard to predict how you want the app to work when change and major pivots are inevitable.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about making that mistake. Not today.

Everything you’re about to witness is incredibly cost-effective and hyper-flexible.

It’s fast… reliable… and can save you a whole year of headaches.

But you might wonder...

Are All Framework Based Teams Created Equal?

You might be surprised.

Because despite what people say...

You don’t want a team from San Francisco. That’s unless you like paying for overpriced services. You can thank the San Fran mortgages for that.

However… when you look at the opposite side of the coin: outsourced low-budget teams then you run into a different problem.

You’ll get the work “done”, but it’s likely the quality is extremely poor.

That’s why you want more of a hybrid, middle option. One where you have access to Silicon-Valley-smarts without paying Silicon Valley prices.

Ideally, you want a team headed by extremely proven tech professionals… while still keeping the cost relatively low… so you don’t burn your budgets overnight.

Ideally you want them to be fast, reliable and flexible. Because without one of those three benefits… you’re sentencing yourself to years of frustration, worry and anger.

If you’re a startup or established business looking for the million dollar exit… then you want a team that will keep YOU motivated. A group of people who have a GRIT mentality… ready to take on any challenge you throw at them.

As you know, the tech industry can be cut throat. It’s why each team building decision is so critical.

This is why I’m so proud to present you what I believe to be one of the most cost-effective, innovative, app building teams out there.


A Complete Design and Development Team For Startup and Established Businesses Who Want To Scale Safely & Precitably

In our small ecosystem…

We’re known as the go-to company for those who want to build their high-leverage tech, FAST.

And we do without adding unnecessary risks.

You’re about to meet a few of our clients here soon. Including one nightmare scenario… and one situation where we did one year’s worth of work... in only 3 days.


Unlike other guys, 6-dev.com focuses on constant learning. We know tech is a moving target. We know how important it is to choose the tech correctly THE FIRST TIME.

We help founders, entrepreneurs and business owners build their technology not with custom code… but with easy-to-pivot framework based solutions.

Meaning… you’re flexible when you need to be. You’re fast. And you don’t have to worry about competing tech overtaking you.

So what can you do with a team like this?

Here’s a quick list of what the team is known for…

But that’s not all… we also focus our time on…

As you can see, we’ve left no stone unturned.

Because simply put...

Your unique business needs a unique solution.

Something that fits you and nobody else.

Otherwise, you’ll have an old infrastructure, and your competition could speed past you with a better-designed product.

The two things we focus on that sets us apart are LISTENING and FRAMEWORKS.

Seems simple and easy to overlook...

But it is a big deal when you think about it.

While other guys like to “play know-it-all” and assume what you’re doing… (which is by the way, a huge red flag - you can’t assume anything or act like you already know what the client is trying to build… I mean… how do they know what to build without asking you?)

We listen for your exact plans and ideas…

...so we can fix any issues as they come up.

Our team at 6-dev.com is...

NOT A “Pump-and-Dump” Squad Where We Show Off Our Smarts… And Then Leave You Hanging To Dry...

Instead… you get...

A cost-effective partnership!

We have your back. We to want to work with you for the life of your business. Because I believe that’s the right thing to do.

Best part…

Even if something did go sour in the relationship...

We build with frameworks so you can easily hire another capable team to work on your app without the hassle of starting from scratch again.

Essentially, we’ve removed all the risk for you. You can pivot on a dime, whenever you need to, no problem.

Cool right?

But that’s not all. See… There’s a reason we’re called the “Rapid Development” Team.

If you’re a startup or you want to make a new application…

You can leverage our Rapid Development Tools that can really help you speed up the process.

If you haven’t made your MVP yet, or want to add functionality to something you already own... you can literally do it 5 times faster!

Better yet, with the Rapid Development Tools…

You can create something… see if it works... and then continue to develop or pivot.

If you like speedy results, then you’ll love to know your full app can get finished twice as fast with this unique process.

Imagine working on your app… without worrying… and knowing you can get what you want FAST.

It’s possible. And it’s what we do. Ready to see what this looks like in real life?

In a minute, you’ll see how we leveraged the Rapid Development Tools to save a company from a nightmare scenario.

But first… I want you to…


a Document Search Platform

OneSOURCE lost big to a firm who delivered false promises. The company spent $150,000 for a quote on quote “year’s worth of work.”

Bottom line, the app didn’t function. The search tool took 100 seconds… which is a little embarrassing if you’re a document search platform don’t you think?

What was the result of one bad decision?


After a year’s worth of work, OneSOURCE bled money, and had to ask for a refund for their bad investment.

Now while they did get a little of it back… working with someone who didn’t know what they were doing cost them a whole year. It let competitors gain traction on them. It worried the founder that he lost momentum.

And for a while… it looked very bleak.

Luckily, they found something a little better.

Can I have permission to brag here?

Because our Rapid Development team went to work right away.

Using the

Rapid Development Tools…

...we took the client from 100 seconds per search, down to a tenth of second… and we did it all in 3 months, not a year.

The other company promised to deliver a complete enterprise-level searching system - which sounds good, but that’s a good example of a custom-coded element that didn’t work out.

The custom-coded style made the system slow and redundant. It cost the company a ton of cash… and a year worth of unnecessary sleepless nights.

If they had a flexible capable team from the beginning… it would’ve made the job a lot easier for everyone involved.

Here’s what’s nuts:

When we put the demo together… OneSOURCE’s manager told us:

You’ve Done More in 3 Days Than The Other Company Has Done In One Year!

Once they saw our capabilities, OneSOURCE decided they wanted to do a whole lot more.

So after delivering above expectations, we took over development of all their document search portals.

This involved a complete redevelopment of their employee portal as well as customer-facing applications to provide a far superior search interface for their customers.

Let’s talk more results:

Quackle, another client…

Wanted a way for the celebrities to interact with their users using a large stack of capabilities.

So we created a private social network mobile platform built for celebrities and influencers.

It lets them stay in touch with their fans and be able to monetize digital content with private chats, timelines and stories.

We had a short timeline for this project… but thanks to the proprietary Rapid Development Tools ... the team delivered.

The platform is designed with high-scalability… availability… and fault-tolerance in mind to support up to 10 million users. 10,000 users can consume content every moment of time and 1,000 users can generate content at any one moment.

Now these two case studies prove we’re flexible… motivated… and have your best interest at heart. Considering OneSOURCE wasted a ton of money on their first try also suggests we’re more affordable for what we deliver.

This is a good example of how we give “Silicon Valley level” expertise for affordable prices.

But this next and final client was a huge test. When we first took it on, my team members looked at me like I was nuts. The project seemed impossible even with all the proprietary technology we have at our fingertips.

In fact, it was a...

Dooms-Day Scenario Most Capable
Development Teams Would Never Touch

But thank goodness we have our proprietary technology.

Because without it… I’m not sure this next company would’ve recovered.

Mission Almost Impossible

Meet Rever

Here’s the story:

Rever is an app for one of our clients. It’s a planning tool for motorcycle riders to track their rides, share with friends and discover new terrain.

When Rever was in its early days, they had a platform that could not handle it’s growing traffic.

Unfortunately, for them...

Things were a “little” slow.

They lacked efficiency...

...had MAJOR cost issues...

...and had many challenges within the app.

I remember looking at the entrepreneur. His face was white as snow. Scared to death that all his hard work would go to waste.

To make things a lot more stressful... we had to fix this problem FAST.

But I told him…

“We got this”.

Though it wasn’t easy by any means of the imagination.

The original developer that created the special code overpromised. He sold a dream he couldn’t deliver. When we looked at the infrastructure, it shocked us.

It was a special kind of dumpster fire. The amount of trash in there would make most raccoons happy.

So we didn’t waste any time.

To start, we created a far more efficient code base. Then, we made a scalable solution that made sure the app delivered for its growing user base.

In the beginning, Mr. Entrepreneur was terrified.

But luckily, he found us just in time.

Here’s just one example of how we attacked the problems:

One feature the app had was “competitions” - it calculated how many miles a rider had completed in the challenge…

...but when a rider wanted to see where they were in the leaderboard and compare themselves to other riders…

...the system was taking over 90 seconds to deliver the results.

Would you wait one and a half minutes to check ANY kind of score?

Yeah neither would I.

This is app-suicide for today’s 3-second attention spans.

Fortunately, thanks to our Rapid Development Tool we had a chance. Most capable teams would have folded already.

The combination of the quick timeline and the avalanche of problems would’ve disheartened many capable professionals.

But fortunately for both Rever and us… we’re not just any old team.

Using our proprietary tech, we fixed problems quickly. The once slow leaderboard function… although sputtering at first...

Now loads instantly!!

It’s just like the users always wanted.

If it wasn’t for our decades of experience… our GRIT mentality… the proprietary tools and technologies like the Rapid Development Tools …

I’m not sure we could’ve saved them.

But fortunately, we won’t have to find out.


What Does This Experience Mean For You?

Well first, it means if you hire the wrong talent… it can slow you down for anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Even worse, if you find the wrong guy for the job and risk your functionality, you could lose the trust of your customers… and get an avalanche of bad reviews for your product.

Now… realize...

I know how hard growing your business can be…

I’ve been there myself…

...like you, I had to go through the SAME struggles in my business when I first started out. So I’m very familiar with the constant stress.

I lived it, survived it and grew FROM it.

Fortunately, now…

...I can help others like you do the same, safely and predictably.

Plus, you can do it in a way that lets you pivot on a dime.

It doesn’t matter if your tech is in its infancy or that you’re using a structure already.

It doesn’t matter if you have nobody dedicated to solving your tech problems…

You can safely rely on our team’s decades of expertise to deliver!

Why am I so confident?

The team is hand-selected and goes through rigorous interviews and testing…

...to make sure we deliver a great product ON TIME.

What’s more, we believe in getting our hands dirty at the very beginning, not wait and pontificate all day.

What I mean is, instead of creating a grandiose plan… and hoping it will work…

We help you iterate and make sure even the tiniest glitches get fixed AS THEY HAPPEN so that when you want to scale…

...you’ll feel confident it will.

When you’re building an app…

It’s kind of like helping a kid grow up. As the kid ages, you will have different problems as a parent. But with the right guidance…

You’ll have a fully functional and capable adult who has the potential to serve thousands, if not millions.

Now let me drive this message home:

Subpar Coders And Designers Can And Will Hurt You

If you don’t know what you’re looking for in a tech stack, it can really hurt your chances to succeed.

But that’s only part of it. Really, you want someone in your corner who you don’t have to check up on. You want a team that’s self-motivated…

And quite frankly… you want them ready to fight. Because I’m not going to sugarcoat this, there is hard work involved.

That’s why with every project you want a team that has a GRIT mentality. A team that treats every project like it’s the fight of their life.

Fortunately, it’s the mentality of elite tech teams. And we’re proud to carry that ourselves so you can scale safely and predictably.

If you haven’t noticed…

What’s in your hands right now is...

A One-Stop Shop To Create Your Perfect App!

If you want to succeed safely and predictably…

You need a CEO who’s seen all the situations...

You need a flexible, capable & mentally tough group...


You need a scalable system using frameworks (NOT custom code)... so when the users come knocking… you can deliver what they need.

That being said…

Here’s my 20-year professional suggestion:

I would like to have a conversation with you about YOUR startup or established business and the problems that may be associated.

On this call I want to get to know you, your biggest challenges and the issues you are trying to resolve.

Don’t worry, this 30min call is FREE.

Let’s be transparent. I want you to eventually decide to let me help you.

But only if it makes sense.

The reality is nobody, and I mean nobody, can figure out your tech stack in half an hour…


That’s enough time at least to know you’ve got all you need to work with a capable team like us.

(By the way, if anyone else you talk to says they know what your tech infrastructure should be just after a half-hour conversation… that’s a red flag.) In this conversation I will help you...

Safely Fly Over The “Tech Minefield” Avoiding Million Dollar Mistakes Along The Way!

Look, I’ve been doing this for a long time...

I’ve been helping businesses grow by solving tech problems for nearly 20 years.

So I know what the outcome will be when I understand your goals.

Here is what to expect from the strategy session:

You’re going to get on a video call with me. I’m going to hear your ideas or problems and then get your goals and timelines with approximate costs…

...it’s that simple.

To be honest, I’m not sure we will work together.

I turn more customers away than I do help. Not because they don’t deserve the help. But because I want to make 100% sure I can deliver an amazing result for you.

Here’s my promise:

In 30 minutes I can help you start the journey to discover the hidden problems in your current technology strategy...

Like you’ve seen, the methods have helped my clients to scale safely and predictably…

Even if their current setups have slowed them to a complete halt.

The right tech can be helpful...

But the right tech team can be the reason you succeed safely and predictably.

For a lot of businesses...

A Reliable Platform Created By Elite Team Members IS The Reason You Will Stay In Business At The End Of The Year

More importantly...

It helps you sleep easy at night knowing that you have “security”. It also helps your business reach a greater potential than you previously imagined.

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t like what I’m saying then you can hang up...

...and never worry about hearing from me again.

But I must tell you...

When we are successful on the call, I would ask you to do an in-depth follow up.

My over 20 years can help you a ton in 30minutes…

But when you give me a little more time…

You would be shocked on what else I could uncover for you.

Right now, it may not be obvious how much time or money your team could be wasting.

It’s not a knock on you. But the reality is tech ALWAYS changes, and it’s very difficult to keep up.

That’s the case even for most professionals.

With the call, instead of waiting weeks for a vague estimate, we can follow up with you in 3 or 4 days.

It lets you make fast smart decisions to hit your goals.

Now remember…

When you get the right team… it will literally…

Accelerate Your Growth!


If you want to build your business without the risk, then this is a FREE call you simply can’t afford to miss.

If you’re serious about your growth…

You need to take me up on this now because this generous offer won’t last for long.

You see...

I can only work with a small group at one time.

And while the elite team IS a One-Stop Shop…

It’s limited in how many people it can serve.

My client base needs to be kept small in order for me to remain highly effective in delivering a quality premium service


Like you, I have an actual business to run myself that needs my attention.

To be clear, this is a “done with you” service.

And we will work with you like we’re your own motivated team.

Is This Making Sense To You?

Because if you haven’t realized already, the stakes are pretty high.

It’s tough for any business owner to understand tech. Let alone the tiny little intricacies of it.

So as you’ve seen, some people take advantage of this fact… then take the money and run.

It’s scary because I’ve seen many good business owners left with a mountain of tech problems and tanking budgets.

It makes me sick to be honest.

“So how do I know who’s telling the truth?”

Well that’s why I want to prove it on my call with you.

I’m not going to give you technical language to impress you…

I want to show you the real-world solutions companies like Rever, Quackle, OneSOURCE have relied upon to scale safely and predictably.


Every business is different and requires their own custom solutions to be effective.

The possible outcomes are endless...

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