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Lachie Thomas

Lachie (pronounced Lockie) Thomas is a passionate technologist with an adventurous personality, a knack for creative problem-solving and champion of the customer.

He started his career as a designer for a large newspaper in Sydney, Australia. He then moved to the US in 2004 where he was began as a web designer/developer working on large government contracts. Not long after, he moved to Colorado where he started at Eagle County and set up 6600, an application development company.

Along the way, he has become a subject matter expert to offer clients the best advice for their systems. From there he has been able to inspire, hire and build great teams to deliver these applications. Lachie has been developing technology applications for 20 years and have seen it all in the technology space.

He now delivers technology and manages the stack it operates on. He also has a deep understanding of how to cut through the clutter (and acronyms), communicate clearly, build and manage distributed teams, develop roadmaps, create visions and ultimately own the complete lifecycle of technology products. Lachie believes in working hard, learning lots and pouring energy into everything he does.

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