Motorcycle Planning, Tracking And Sharing Platform

Rever is an app and planning tool for motorcycle riders to track their rides, share with friends and discover new terrain. Initially creating Rever as a bootstrapped startup, scaling with venture capital investment (from BMW) and beyond. We created the apps, backend, analytics tool, APIs and anything related to the functionality of the system. We also hired the development and support team. It now supports over 1 million riders across 120 countries.

  • Supports 1M users
  • Developed a location services system that allowed users to track, plan and share their rides
  • Backend data analysis – stats about rider journeys, miles, bike brand, time and much much more Native iOS and Android apps
  • WordPress (for information site)
  • Developing customer support systems
  • Documentation procedures
  • Build a team of developers Integrating with third party hardware (Rlink)
  • Partner development (Honda, Harley, KTM)
  • Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL backend
  • ReactJS web frontend
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • AWS Cloud, ElasticBeanstalk, ALB, ASG, ACM, Route53, Docker, ECR, RDS, ElastiCache: Redis cache, S3, CloudWatch Load Balancing
  • GIS and mapping technologies
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