Skill Builder Pro

Skill Builder Pro provides a library of short courses that are designed to develop your soft skills. Soft skills that can be developed include leadership, training, management, human resources and a range of soft skills that will enhance business and personal relationships.


oneSOURCE provides up-to-date document manuals. We were initially tasked with redeveloping their information site with WordPress. After delivering above expectations we then took over development of their document search portal. This involved a complete redevelopment of their employee portal as well as customer facing application to provide a far superior search interface for their customers.


Private social network mobile platform built for celebrities and influencers to stay in touch with their fans and be able to monetize digital content with private chats, timelines and stories. The platform is designed with high-scalability, availability and fault-tolerance in mind to support up to 10 millions of users, where 10K users can concurrently consume content every moment of time and 1K users can concurrently generate content.


Rever is an app and planning tool for motorcycle riders to track their rides, share with friends and discover new terrain. Initially creating Rever as a bootstrapped startup, scaling with venture capital investment (from BMW) and beyond. We created the apps, backend, analytics tool, APIs and anything related to the functionality of the system. We also hired the development and support team. It now supports over 1 million riders across 120 countries.

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