Have you hit a glass ceiling with your eCommerce store’s revenue?

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Imagine knowing what could you do to grow your store’s revenue by more than 20% over the next 12 months

Understanding what your analytics data says is crucial for knowing what to change in your store. With our Google Analytics Data Mining service, we’ll explain in plain english what the current state of your ecommerce store is. Then I’ll advise you the exact next steps you need to take to increase your revenue.

Once you purchase you’ll get an email with instructions how to add me to your Google Analytics property with the right privileges. Then I’ll start analyzing your data.

During the last several years we have been approached by many businesses asking what they can do to increase conversions. This gives us insight to many analytics dashboards for businesses and has helped us understand what works and what does not to get your side visitors to make a purchase. 

What we find surprises store owners every time. 

The insights from the analysis always show areas of unexpected opportunity for improvement, often with far greater potential impact on the revenue compared with the work they’ve initially requested from us.

So, before we jump into action, we’d like to offer you something way more valuable than speed optimization.

Let me show you where you are leaving money on the table with your ecommerce store.

We call that service “Data Translation”. The insights from it can then help you decide what makes the most sense for you to tackle next to increase  your store’s revenue and profits.

Our Clients Said...

6600 is a very professional, skilled company to work with. Very intelligent, and was able to deliver our site speed optimization issue with success. Highly recommended!
Jay Tahiri
6600 made this task very easy and communicated well. They explained everything I need to know and why. Would definitely hire again.
Renee Gurney
6600 consistently went above and beyond expectations. Not only did they bump our site from the 40s on Google PageSpeed to the 90s, but they were very thorough in explaining how to maintain this speed moving forward with site changes. Also, great communication and fast delivery on the project. 10/10 would recommend.
Ali Jangbar
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